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How to claim Go3?

Having Go3 along to satellite TV is amazing! You can only watch best quality content while being home but us well try out watching your bellowed TV broadcasts/shows on a rainy day or while traveling!

All you will need:
– Phone number currently used in your Home3 services/account
– Not used email address in Go3
– 2minutes of your time

Please select “Login” icon visible on a screen

In new window we kindly ask you to enter your phone number linked with your Home3 services and click on “Send” icon just below in same screen.

Entering with country code is important. Example: +370….

Shortly after selecting “Send” you will receive a 6 digits code to your phone number that you have just entered. Please enter received short code and click on visible icon “Verify”.

 This is a temporary code, entering it within 15minutes time window is important. In case of failure, you will have to start everything from the beginning.

In new window please select your Home3 subscription to which you want activate Go3. If you have only one Home3 subscription – you will see one option. In order to select a subscription please click “Select” icon visible in the bottom of your subscriptions information.

Please confirm your subscription selection by pressing icon below “Select” to proceed further to activation window.

In next window you will need to enter your email address which you will be using to access Go3 content. Please enter not used email address with Go3 currently and press “Bind” icon just below your email.

We are almost there! All is left is to create a password and dive into the action with Go3!

Please check your mailbox for Go3 email to create a password. Select “Continue” icon in the email .

If you do not received this email please:

  • Check all folders in your mailbox (Inbox, Junk, Social and etc)
  • Visit https://go3.lt/subscriber/password/request and follow the instructions for password recovery.

In following email please enter password that you will be using to access Go3 and repeat it. Only limitation is it should be from minimum of 8 digits.

Agree with our mandatory terms and conditions and select “renew”

That is it, you are all set to watch all Go3 content that belongs to you according to your Home3 subscription.

Jei pastebėjote klaidą – būsime labai dėkingi, jei apie tai mus informuosite! 🙂 Tai padaryti galite paspaudę šia klavišų kombinaciją kompiuteryje. Ctrl+Enter.

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