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Can I watch LNK channels in Go3?

Currently LNK group channels are accessible in all screens if you are using Bite or Tele2 internet network.

If your internet provider is not one of our partners mentioned above, in Go3 you can watch these channels in big screens (TV) using these methods:

  • Using our Android set-top-box (connecting box to TV with HDMI cable)
  • Directly installing Go3 application to your TV (please read TV requirements below)

If you want to receive additional information how to get android box or start using services on your TV our sales person can contact you and together you will be able to choose best option for you.

If you want to receive offer, please leave your contacts by pressing icon below

If it causes any inconvenience we are really sorry for that and we hope that this possibility will appear in our platform later. Please always follow our news for such questions!

TV requirements to find Go3 application in app stores:

  • “LG” TV from 2016 years release with WebOS3+ software version
  • “Samsung” from 2016 years releases with Tizen software version
  • “Android” powered TVs with Android 9+ software version

How to check your TV software version please follow user manual of your TV manufacturer or contact it’s seller directly.

If you are using Bite or Tele2 internet network and see message on channels “Content cannot be played due to copyrigh restriction caused by network you are connected to.” please press play and content will start.

Jei pastebėjote klaidą – būsime labai dėkingi, jei apie tai mus informuosite! 🙂 Tai padaryti galite paspaudę šia klavišų kombinaciją kompiuteryje. Ctrl+Enter.

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