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What content can I watch?

With Home3 services you are receiving access to Go3 next generation TV. Here you will be able to watch all TV channels that you own with your Home3 services!

If that is not enough, you can always upgrade your Go3 subscription which is included in your Home3 plan to one of these:

  • All inclusive
  • Sports
  • Films
  • Films+Sports

To upgrade your package visit ott.home3.lt or call our Customer support and agent will help you pick what is best for you for best price!

What TV channels can I watch on Go3?
Home3 channel list per plan https://pagalba.home3.lt/article/planai-ir-papildomos-paslaugos/ – scroll to your plan and see what TV channels will be unlocked for you in Go3
How to check what Home3 plan I have for Go3?
To learn how to check your Home3 plan and services (agreement) you can do it in your Home3 selfservice. Please follow this link for instructions in how to check this information in selfservice
What Go3 content can I watch?
If you have one of below Go3 plans included in your Home3 service package, you can watch:

Films: thousands of hours new and classic become films for both little audience and movies lovers!

Sports: all hot action of latest Sports events!

All inclusive: additional only in Go3 broadcasted TV channels like Sport1 and more!
What is rent?
Rent is a great feature to watch latest movies that just come out from cinema. Just select movie, enter your pin code (if you have not changed it – 1 2 3 4) and movie will be available for you for 48 hours and you will only have to pay for it next month with your invoice!

Jei pastebėjote klaidą – būsime labai dėkingi, jei apie tai mus informuosite! 🙂 Tai padaryti galite paspaudę šia klavišų kombinaciją kompiuteryje. Ctrl+Enter.

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